Valentina Gets Her Ass Plowed On the Farm

Valentina Blue

Valentina’s a stunning, blonde MILF, farm girl, who is feeling randy, wanting a farmer to plow something, besides the north 40. Kneeling before her, he earnestly licks and fingers her pretty pussy, that is topped, with a tiny, well cropped, landing strip, as she stands before him, leaning on the tractor, and moaning euphorically. Returning the favor, she ravenously sucks his colossal cock, with decadent avidity, gusto, and adept, oral virtuosity. Bending her over the tractor tire, in standing doggie, he potently pounds his monster cock, into her, as she moans and yelps, with unchained, passions. After she gluttonously sucks her slut juice, from his dong, he diligently drills his demon dick, into her pussy, then asshole, in spoon, making her moan and wail, in salacious jubilation. She greedily savors sucking her ass juice, from his dingus, before her sublime, firm, round ass, humps him, in cowgirl, then anal cowgirl, like a jockey, in the Derby, racing towards her depraved Nirvana, while moaning and squealing, ecstatically. After sitting on his face, so that he can fervently tongue her asshole, she goes for a wild ride, in reverse cowgirl, frantically rubbing her clit, as he fiercely fires his prick into her pussy, then asshole, while she moans and shrieks, in a delirious, cock crazed rave, until he lets his joy juice cascade down into, and all over her mouth, leaving her glazed and dazed.

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