Hostages to Lust

Chloe Conrad, Black Angelika, Britney

Black Angelika is a bewitching, brunette, who is perfection, personified in human flesh, and Britney, is an alluring, blonde, T&A goddess. The girls, who are playing strippers, at a club, cower in fear, as a couple of mafioso studs, and Chloe a tall, statuesque, beguiling, blonde beauty, menacingly encourage them, to pay for their protection services. To put the girls at ease, their protectors, kiss, fondle, and undress them, replacing their apprehension, with inflamed passions. With Chloe showing, how it is done, the girls follow her lead, ravenously, savoring sucking their stud’s turgid tools, with sluttish avarice. The club is soon filled, with the cacophony of their moaning, screeching cries, of orgiastic exultation, as their voracious, bald pussies, are licked, and barbarously pounded, with jumbo sized Johnsons, in standing doggie, missionary, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl, in an awe inspiring display, of torrid, carnal coupling. With her incendiary passions ignited, Angelika move the action, to her back door, having a stud, brutishly slam his demon dick, into her ass, in anal reverse cowgirl, then she adds a prick, for a scorching DP, as she moans and yelps, with unbridled, primal passions. Slut see, slut do, as Chloe rejoices, with her own DP, as she moans and shrieks, in rapture. Wanting to give back, the guys, unleash geyser of goo, into the girl’s mouths, and all over their faces, for a glorious, gooey ending.

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