Religous Sex Group

Jasmine Black, Kaia Kane, Stacy Saran

This bawdy, ribald X-rated skit, revolves around four vicars, three male, and one female, along with a nun, played by bewitching, titanic titted, raven haired, Romana, who have gathered, for a wine tasting, with some tarts, but the tarts that arrive, are not the expected pastry, but rather, Stacy, a stunning, blonde MILF, with a wicked smile, and Kaia, a scintillating, brunette, with incendiary passions, who is the embodiment, of ravishing, pornographic perfection, personified, in human flesh. After a brief, group prayer, to help covert, these wayward, randy lasses, from their decadent lifestyle, the vicars succumb, to the girls overwhelmingly, promiscuous mystique, which coverts them instead, as the girls get naked, showing them, what else they can do, on their knees, as they gluttonously suck, their potent pricks, with sluttish epicurean relish. Lead by their engorged cocks, the vicars, vigorously pound their massive, meat sticks, into these dazzling damsels, with fiery fervor, in a multitude of positions, while the girls, fill their mouths, with cocks and pussy, every chance they get, moaning and squealing, in rapture. Kaia, a wonderfully depraved nymph, invites them, into her back alley, vehemently driving their steely shafts, up her ass, with savage fury, while she moans and wails, in sluttish jubilation. Finally, the girls are baptized, with a deluge of cum, raining down, into their mouths, and all over their face and tits.

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