Catie Parker

Catie Parker

Nationality American
Date of Birth August 3rd, 1993
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Blonde Beauties Are Lascivious Lickers

Cali is a toned, tanned, blonde California surfer girl, who is excited that her platinum blonde friend Catie, with her milky white skin, and soft supple body, has come to visit. She soon has Catie naked, bent over the couch, in doggie, as she expertly licks and fingers her, from behind, making her moan and squeal, like the little slut puppy, that she is. Anxious to reciprocate, Cati earnestly licks and frantically finger fucks her bald, honeyed hole, triggering Cali’s volcanic, screaming orgasmic release. Not to be out done, Cali fervently fingers and licks Catie’s pussy, making her moan and screech, in decadent jubilation. Consumed by the power of their Sapphic desires, they move into a torrid 69, that fills the room, with their ecstatic moans, and screams of impassioned ardor, that triggers Cati’s exorcism worthy, howling orgasm. Hungry for more, Cati hungrily licks Cali, from behind, as she kneels, in dogie, moaning and crying out, in debauched exultation, which gives rise, to a stupendous, soul wrenching, screaming orgasmic tsunami, that engulf her. The girls tender kisses and caresses, becomes more passionate, morphing into some frenetic fingering, that unleashes some screaming, gut wrenching orgasms, that leaves them both happily spent.

Length: 22 Minutes Pics: 161