Liza Shay

Liza Shay

Nationality Russia
Date of Birth October 4th, 1989
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Portrait of Passion

Erica and Liza are two slender young brunette European heartthrobs. One is a nude model and the other an art student with a brawny stud of an artist teaching her. Soon their interest shifts from paint and canvas to painting a portrait of lust, personified in the human flesh of these nubile nymphs. The girls take turns earnestly savoring sucking the artist’s stout shaft and licking his balls, driving him crazy with passion. Laying the model onto a cushioned platform, he stands before her barbarously plowing his steely shaft into her hairless hooch while she licks the bald honey pot of the student sitting on her face, and the room is filled with their elated, euphoric moans. He then brutishly pounds his beefy battering ram into the student while she licks the model’s sweet juice box and both girls moan ecstatically, carried away by their primal passions. Hungry for more, he lays his student on her side, fervently drilling his pork sword into her tight, puckered asshole, driving her into a moaning, intoxicated, dick-drunk revelry while the model watches intently. The girls then get into a 69 with the model on top as he brutishly pounds his beefy baton into her asshole with fiery fervor and she pants, moans, and shrieks in whorish rapture. He rewards the girls by doing his best lecherous Jackson Pollack impression, covering their faces with a generous spattering of creamy cum: a true work of art.

Length: 21 Minutes Pics: 101