Vivien Bianchy

Vivien Bianchy

Nationality Hungary
Date of Birth August 2nd, 1987
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Checky And Vivien Have A Finger Fucking Fiesta

Checky is a good looking, brunette, with a toned body, and nice, full tits, and Vivien is a fetching, short-haired, blonde sexual dynamo. After some intense foreplay, Viviene adeptly licks and fingers Checky’s greedy cunt, as she moans, and cries out, in adrenalized exultation. Checky then focuses on fingering Vivien’s gluttonous cunt, moaning, and squealing in, in sluttish jubilation, while Checky frantically fucks her, with a vibrating dildo, until she cums, with an intense, screeching orgasm. Then, with Checky sitting on the back of the sofa, frantically fingering her clit, Vivien slides underneath to lavishly lick her sweet hole, until Checky lets loose a powerful, shrieking orgasm of her own. With Viviene in doggie, Checky frantically, finger fucks her, until a screaming, primordial orgasm burst forth, leaving them both basking in the blissful orgasmic afterglow.

Length: 21 Minutes Pics: 40