Nationality Hungary
Date of Birth December 28th, 1984
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Abelia And Nesty Set The Bed On Fire

Abelia is a tall, intoxicating, exotic, dark-skinned, raven-haired, sexual siren, and Nesty is a tall, svelte, blonde, pale-skinned, nordic looking goddess. The girls are amorously kissing, caressing, and undressing each other in the bedroom, as they fill the room, with their rhapsodic moans, before Nesty dives between Abelias gorgeous thighs, to rapidly lick the pierced clit of her sweet honeyed hole, as if, her tongue were an electric eel on speed. With her passions set ablaze, Abelia adroitly licks, and fingers, Nesty’s pussy, from behind, as she kneels in doggie, moaning, and yelping, with untethered, bestial passions, before Abelia kicks it up a notch, by working a long, vibrating dildo into her greedy cunt. Abelia continues masterfully working the dildo into Nesty’s pretty pussy, that is topped with a thin, fuzzy, landing strip, while Nesty moans ecstatically. Then, Nesty returns the favor, fervently plunging the dildo into Abelia’s honey pot, as her large, pierced, engorged clit pulses with pleasure, while she moans, and cries out, in wanton exultation, exploding, in a screaming, ecstatic orgasm. Abelia then focuses her attention on fingering, Nesty’s clit, while she frantically fucks her with the vibrating dildo, until she triggers her screaming, enraptured orgasm, leaving the girls happily spent.

Length: 16 Minutes Pics: 202